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Create your own custom Samsung Galaxy S3 mini сase



 Upload the picture by clicking the green icon
 After uploading the picture scale it to the phone as necessary
 After setting the image to desired position just “add to cart”
 Translucent space shows the sides of the case, they should also be covered by the image.

PS: For the best result it is recommended to use images not less than 1000 pixels in width and length, with the size less than 10 MB.



Hard and durable case can save the phone from damages often received when it’s dropped. The case has all necessary openings for a flash camera, buttons, a charger and headphones.
Material: Silicone-Plastic – an excellent combination of materials. The silicone prevents the device from slipping in a hand, and the plastic reliably protects the smartphone from chipping and scratches on the back cover.
Thanks to a patented method of printing your image will be resistant to abrasion, scratches and fading.


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